Taalonderzoek: doe mee!

Deelnemers gezocht! Wij zoeken kinderen van 5 t/m 8 jaar oud en studenten aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen die mee willen doen aan een taalonderzoek. Meer informatie/deelnemen met uw kind? Klik hier. Meer informatie/deelnemen als student? Klik hier.

Updates Weekend of Science

Just two more days until the Weekend of Science and the start of Simone and Jacolien’s ‘publieksonderzoek’ on Dutch idioms! Here is a video from the organizers of Weekend van de Wetenschap in which presenter Anna Gimbrère visits our minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), Ingrid van Engelshoven, to see how much she knows […]

Two new papers

We have two new publications coming up: Leanne Nagels, Etienne Gaudrain, Debi Vickers, Marta Matos Lopes, Petra Hendriks and Deniz Baskent: “Vocal emotion recognition in school-age children: the Emo-HI test for hearing-impaired populations” – this paper was chosen as one of the two best papers from a student or early-career researcher at VIHAR 2019, London, […]

Best student contribution

One proud announcement: on November 30, 2018, Amélie received an award for the best student contribution for her presentation “Language in the aging brain: Using ERPs to study idiom processing across the life span” at the Workshop on Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives on Non-Compositional Meaning in Phrases in Tübingen, Germany – Congratulations, Amélie!

Noorderzon 2019

During the art festival of Noorderzon, the members of the SemCogKids team took part in the organization of the “University of Noorderzon”: in collaboration with the Young Academy Groningen and researchers of other departments, they created interactive games and funny experiments, thanks to which children had the opportunity to experience the thrill of doing scientific […]

Groningen-Oldenburg Workshop 2019

The annual Groningen-Oldenburg Workshop on Language Processing and Acquisition took place at the Harmony Building on August, 19th, 2019. After a nice lunch together, the six speakers gave us plenty of food for thought, too. Our meeting was concluded at the performing art festival of Noorderzon, where we spent a couple of hours together, talking […]

Writing weekend 2019

We had a very productive and enjoyable writing weekend in Noord Holland! Between writing sessions we let our minds be blown free again at the beach – two PhD candidates even dared to take a swim in the chilly North Sea in hope for a cum laude. Over dinner we further developed our possibly ground […]